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Thistle - as they were
These were taken "a few years ago !! (1979 )."   See who you can identify.
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This picture appeared in the Blackpool Evening Gazette on 16th March 2005, when Thistle performed at the Fylde Folk Club.

The picture on the left is Heath Lavery.

On the right are
 Mike Hayes and
Malcolm Shellard.

Both pictures were taken in 2002 when Thistle were appearing at the Fylde Folk Festival at the Station in Lytham.



The picture on the left is from the Evening Gazette of 6th April 1989.

"Magic! Absolutely Fantastic!".  So, It's not the sort of statement one expects to hear from Menuhin, or Mutter for that matter, but when you are 17 and have just met the world famour conductor, Libor Pesek only days after being introduced to internationally acclaimed violinist Kyung Wha-Chung, well words fail you.

Blackpool fiddler, Heath Lavery, co-leader of the Lancashire Students' Symphony Orchestra has the countries Czechoslovakian cultural cosa nostra, lead by Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines, to thank for the coup.

"No one expected him to be so, well, nice," Heath admitted.  "It's been terrific, even though we couldn't keep up with him at times."


This Picture  ?? 

Guernsey folk festival St Sampson 1998 or 1999 with Allie Price

Cartford Hotel Little Eccleston

Another at Cartford

Thistle's first spot on the main stage (Marine Hall) Fleetwood 
at the Fylde Folk Festival early eighties


Another from 1979


Highfield Social Club 2009







Spot the Thistle


Left to Right
Mike Allen,  Malcolm Shellard, 
Mike Hayes, Kevin Whelan, 
and Beverley Whelan in the foreground.

Left to right
Mike Evans, Mike Hayes, Mike Allen,
Malcolm Shellard
and Bernie Brewin in the foreground.



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