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1.  Down Loading Handouts


All the handouts listed are compressed using a "Zip" programme.  This means that, they will need to be un-zipped before they can be used.

Your first job is to ensure that you have a programme that will do this.  Two well known ones are WinZip and PKZip.  Both can be downloaded from the internet but I have made available, a self-extracting version of PKZip for you to install as follows.

(Before you start, you may find it useful to print out this part of the page to avoid having to keep switching back to it.)

  • Click where indicated "Click here"

  • A window will appear telling you what is happening and all you have to do is click Open.

  • The next window which appears tells you that you should click OK to install PKZip files.  Do so.

  • The licensing notification can be ignored so click OK

  • In the next window click Unzip and the files will be installed on your PC

  • A message appears saying 10 files have been extracted.  Click OK

  • The programme PKZip should now run and you will get a message asking if you would like to make PKZip your default Zip file programme.  Click Yes.

  • You can then close PKZip.

Now you have installed the Zip programme, you can download the handouts as follows.

  • Click on the handout title that you want.

  • You will get a message asking if you want to save it or open it.

  • Click Open.

  • The file will download and automatically open PKZip.  You will see the name of the file.

  • Double click on the file name and Word should open and display the file.

  • You can now either print the file or save it using the handout name as a word document.

That's it.  You have done it.  Congratulations.

If this was helpful please click the left button and let me know, with any comments you may have.  Thanks.

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